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October 21st, 2018

Frame 36 - 21/10/18

Time of late has been filled with lots of freelance commission activity, workshop delivery and some design work for regular clients. Still I’ve made time for personal work. In terms of the ‘Peninsula’ project the layout for my self published book is complete aside from adding the finishing touches to the layout of the text. I plan to sell these on a print to order basis online through a site such as Blurb.

Alongside this I’ve also been keeping one eye on future projects. I’ve been considering wider and more abstract aspects of landscapes and I’ve considered our surroundings more universally of late. I’ve started to express these thoughts visually and have begun to experiment with the Cyanotype process to try and capture these musings without the use of a camera.

I’m enjoying experimenting with the medium, mixing traditional and digital techniques whilst allowing objects and materials to react with each other.

Whilst researching as I formulate new ideas for project work I’ve come across a few articles and projects I’ve found interesting:

Alec Soth on his influential photobook 'Niagra’ via the British Journal of Photography

Niagra was a huge influence on me both during and after my degree study. I looked at this work many times whilst creating my series 'Ways to Begin’ and I still return to Soth’s work often.

What next for photography in the age of Instagram? via the Guardian

A hugely interesting article discussing the role Instagram has to play in the landscape of contemporary photography. As someone who makes a lot of use of the platform this was well worth time and attention.

Finally a stunning series, 'Love Bites’ by Tim Richmond via the Guardian

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