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Frame 36 - 4/11/18

November 4th, 2018

More of a project update this week as some work comes to it’s end and new work begins to take shape. My landscape series ‘Peninsula’ is almost ready for release. The book layout is complete and the edit selected. I will be officially putting the work out online next week along with details on where to purchase a copy of the self published book.


It’s been a long time coming and at times I’ve struggled to get this series to a place where I’m truly happy with the final selection. On reflection a lot of this was linked to a lack of confidence in my work and also a need to focus on more commercial pursuits in order to put food on the table. I am however pleased with the resulting series and it’s been an enjoyable experience reflecting on the reasons behind the creation of the work and including these musings within the project.

The renewed sense of enthusiasm that working on 'Peninsula’ has contributed to the beginning of new work. I’ve started to really get into the thick of creating images for an as yet untitled project that utilises the cyanotype process alongside digital processes. 


Although abstract in their aesthetic the images are, in my mind still linked to landscape. I’m considering the universal landscape, our connection to the creation of the entire universe and our place within it. The connections that we all have with the natural world and with each other and considering the importance of this interconnectivity through the creation of imagery that can invoke thoughts and responses from viewers that are personal to them. I’m also currently exploring suitable accompanying text/poetry that can compliment the images. As a result a lot of my research of late has been focused on 'camera-less’ images. Some of which I’ve included below:


Dominique Teufen via Lensculture


Glen Scheffer 'Record Scapes, The Water is Cold Here, Performance of Space’ via Lenscratch

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